Your Taxes and Saving how the systems Screwing You

This has been very interesting and crazy. We learned about how the 45 hasn’t paid taxes in over 10yrs and what he’s paid is little over 1,500. People are all up in arms over the President not paying there so-called fair share. People need to understand these tax laws have been that way since about 1910. This is when the Federal Reserve was established.

Educational Heist of the US

The Book Creature from Jekyll Island Talks about how the Fed was established through a few wealthy families. One the Rockafella who established the from there on Foundation called the General Educational Broad. This was funded and established as a way to control the educational system to create compliant people. Either workers and good soldiers. The tax code was established primarily for the wealthy to benefit from and not the working class. Down load on the IRS SITE HERE Most don’t understand that has a W2 worker that you pay the highest in taxes.

From the books, the Cash-flow quadrant shows how the working class and the wealthy pay taxes below is the image of how the working class is behind verse the self-employed Investors and Big Business.

Video from Tues Business tip Show

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