Your List is your true Business

Why Your List is your most valued asset for your Business

What most are taught when entering the Network Marketing Profession is to move products and services. That true that’s true. But what the forget most who enter into this profession have no credibility of an audience that trusts them so how do you move products and services without having an audience to sell too? These Affiliate companies are stress more or the distributors to sell to everyone that has a plus whether they need what you have or no. This what has given the Network Marketing profession such a negative label.

Today in the Digital Commerce environment there has been a great disruption in how the Network Marketing is todo business. And as of now the year of the Pandemic 2020, a more extensive disruption has acquired forcing the once face to Face Prospecting action. Now more then ever it very much a must know how to market online then to prospecting. Back in the day before the Pandemic, there were still those that we’re building their business totally offline without a presence on social media. The ideal for online marketing was that it wasn’t duplicable. Well, what truly is, but that another subject matter for a later date.

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List and Customer Development – Twist Your List

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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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