Without an Economy Your Vote is Worthless

Race and Racism

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In a climate where voting rights are under threat especially amongst the population of color

we asked why the John lewis bill held up in backlog within the tied Senate.

The typic of racism in our country and particularly in our media use this term out of

context. What people fail to understand is Racism is an economic activity. Economics plays

a big part in how certain communities get what they what politically to make changes

from. The word race was chosen because what this was is a contested to the new world

, not Europeans escaping from religious persecution. It was also used in 1600 in the

context of the slave trade from Africa by Spanish, English, and Portuguese for mineral and

Human trade. In my upcoming book, You’re on the wrong side of the Balance sheet. I talk

How this country was built on the back of slaves because the slave owners need a work


True racism only exists when one group holds a disproportionate share of wealth over

another group This new concept of Race was deliberately constructed to have

the domain over non-White groups especially those controlling wealth put the culture

and biological values over other blacks European Denominations at the time used the

bible to teach racial ranking with implicit black inferiority. During the 50.s and 60’s the

meaning of racism has been diluted to meaning bias and prejudice and bigotry which

now has little meaning but is connected to all minority groups but the original

intent was toward blacks. Today is why not when it comes to voting the original intent is

stress from an economic to keep the threat of black. from economic power and keep

them in subclass through education and religion to this day. The Willie Lynch syndrome is

Most are abused like in recent years with the recent death of Brianna Taylor George Floyd

because there is no recourse or responsibility for the families cause o the lack of power

except for what most due and what all the black leaders like to do in March which

accomplishes much to nothing

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