Why Network Marketing isnt considered a Business

For years people like to tell you why network marketing cant be a business but know would tell or teach how it could be one.

Most people say a business consist of having employees accounts payable and or accounts receiveable.

They say you dont have a product that you sale all you selling is a Dream . For a business to be a valubale business it must

have tangelble products and services. Ok there some truth in that but people failed to understand is that the Network marketing profession

to give the adverag person a chance of owner ship. Granted its not a perfer business no business is. But what the purpose to give a person freedom it

they were willing to work hard for what they want that a Job couldnt provide becasue there were no chance of owner ship.


What most fail to recognize is that these Network Marketing Companies is that you are really just rep or distributor for these companies. They give you resources to use like affiliate programs. They pay you royalties based on the amount of sell you do in a month from products and or services you don’t create. The money that would pay you for advertisement comes to the reps in commissions. Like any other business, things change complain change products get discontinued and you have no control or say so on these disruptive advents that happen.

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