Why is there a high inflation rate in 2022

According to USA TODAY, The main culprit for the inflation in 2022 is Gasoline prices jumping 18.3% and accounting for more than half the overall rise in costs. Average unleaded gas set a record $4.33 a gallon last month before easing to $4.11 by Monday, according to AAA. Pump prices are up 48% from a year earlier

The 4/12 22 articles on USAToday that we are at in all time 40 year high of inflation as of March 2022 at 8.5% annually. But what is the true cause of the Job market booming? Some have said the Fed’s raising of interest rates has caused the inflation rate to skyrocket.

The Fed also plans to keep raising the federal funds rate throughout 2022. The Fed is expected to raise rates well above 2% by the end of the year 

Several reasons why inflation could be happening. The first reason is that oil prices have surged since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Others blame the ongoing Pandemic with new variant cases increasing and affecting supply demands. Which put increased demands on the fuel. it is just a perpetual cycle of needs being affected because of many factors that have disrupted our way of life. Starting with the Pandemic

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