Why is Duplication so important in Network Marketing

You hear this a lot in the Profession Today of Network Marketing. It has to be duplicatable. What has to be applicable?

  • Leadership isn’t duplicatable and we hear a lot that this business is about leadership.
  • We here about follow the system. Well, plenty of people have followed the system and still struggle because the system tends to put limitations on you
  • Another talking point is that you here that the business of Network Marketing is a People business. That’s correct. But we forget that we need to treat them like people and not a dollar sign. People cant be replicated every one is unique in there own way and should be treated as such.

When I first came across this business Model of Network Marketing they like to use the Business Model of Mcdonalds.  The scenario was used on how to things are in place. Well, I always felt that was a bad analogy when especially you say this is a people business. I’m not Fries Machine or Milkshake dispenser. All customers what is the fries and shake or hamburgers don’t care where you make them or were there placed. Like any prospect or customer there only concern is is your product or service can solve a problem. And each individual has there own unique problems and challenges. When you try to fit people in the categories one fits all, that’s where you lose most people.

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