Why Direct Response Marketing

There are many definitions on this subject how is it different from MLM/Network Marketing. Direct response marketing is when an individual or many of shown interest in a product or service from communication through email, phone sale page.

How is it different from MLM

MLM also Known as Network Marketing works on two premises Network what some refer to as Prospecting and the other a cold marketing strategy and some from a warm market strategy. The cold Market strategy usual what most call prospecting which in the days before the internet and Social Media was the only way to build a team or upline as it sometimes referred to. There whole is premise they say is relationship building but the only relationship that seems to happen is when they were trying to get you into their business or sell you a product you didn’t need.

This was a way to build rapport and a way to build enemies. Because the strategies were to picture people till they bought or gave into joined your Business deal. These Network marketing did the opposite to what they gave available to their distributors. Most starting out couldn’t afford the advertising cost it took to get the results they needed. This is why the active prospecting strategy was taught cause it cost the new IBO as they called them nothing.

The Internet Changed the game forever

1998 and new technologies started to emerge in the marketplace called the internet. By the middle of the 2000s, another technology was built upon the internet called social media. People started to realize the leveraging factor using these new innovative technologies. All industries started to take advantage of this technology to do business. This put a big disruption in some businesses, especially Network Marketing. Distributors realize they no longer need to chase people about their business. Some upline put up a fight of their teams using this new technology to build their business.

Attraction Marketing

This term came out in 2008 what does this term mean. To Attract people to you First be comfortable being yourself and bring some valuable info that people look at you as the expert or professional to get other info on whatever subject you bring to the table. Now understand Prospecting isn’t Attraction Marketing or Marketing at all. In 2016 I wrote a book on this very subject called 5 Keys to Success in Today’s Market A lot of online Marketers say in all about value. But the value to who? what value to you isn’t always value to others. This is where you need to know your market and what their needs are. Not like back before the leverage technologies where you talk to everyone. There is a saying Marketing or talking to everyone is talking to no one.

Here are some Educational resources and training I used and learned to do what I do

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Learn what need in todays Digital Market
5 Keys to Success in todays Market
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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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