Who do systems really benefit?

Who do the systems benefit?

We all work within systems. The jobs market is made up of systems that work for those who create them. We are taught in this social system to get an education. In the education system, we are taught to follow the rules to get a certificate of compliance within the system of education to work and comply with the system of employment.  The financial system we’re told to put our money in banks and open saving accounts were we can grow our saving with. The religious system teaches how we are supposed to believe how we are supposed to get into the afterlife believing in how we’re supposed to live our lives based off o ideologies.

Systems are designed primarily to favor those who design them. Most will tell you that there to help those have easier live to and no recreate the wheel but when the wheel isn’t benefiting those who follow but more so to control the mass’s there’s a big problem. One of the biggest control factors a lot of bought into especially since we’re in this presidential- election climate. In this post, I’m going to talk about 3 system globally that control the mass and most people think they benefit from.


In 1913 the Federal Reserve System was created. This system granted the ultra-rich control of the world’s financial systems. Most people don’t know much about he fed but think its a government institution or bank its neither nor does it have any reserves. These entities are run by the rich and power banking cartels of the world. The Fed was created to print money. Another reason the Federal Reserve was created was to protect the biggest banks from failing by providing liquidity to those banks when they get into financial trouble. This was also a way to protect the wealth of the rich but not the Taxpayers.

Example in 2008 Financial crises when President Bush authorized $700 billion bailout money. Secretary of Treasury  Henry Paulson, formerly of Goldman Sachs immediately handed out billions of dollars in TARP(Trouble Authorized Relief Program). This money was given to the biggest banks in the country and his friends with no question asked. How this was paid for was by Taxes from the taxpayer pockets straight into pockets of the banks and corporations.


The hijacking of our educational system. This was done by one of the riches and wealthiest foundations of that time. The Rockefellers Foundation. This date back over 100yrs and still holds today as the system educational curriculum to meet the need of the wealthy but not necessarily the needs of its students. The General Educational Board was founded in 1903. This system is of a Prussian system designed to create good employees and soldiers, people who blindly follow orders waiting to be told what to do including what to do with their money. This important today because these attitudes are over a century old they haven’t gone away. This system was not designed to teach children to thinks for themselves. This also the driven force of the suppression of  Financial Education. The attitude is that you need not know anything about money because of your just a cog on a wheel a machine or worker on someone else’s plantation.

Political System:

In this country, we’re the only westernized society that votes in a President based on elected officials not by the people. We are told especially within the black community people died for your right to vote. People died more of your freedoms than a right to vote. Black folks women non-white didn’t have the right to vote anyway because you had to be wealthy own property which didn’t allow for non-white and women to have. Today much hasn’t changed expect everyone can vote. But what most don’t understand is their vote isn’t toward the candidate that there choosing it toward the electorate of that district. In 2016 MSNBC Lawrence Donald explained how electoral College worked in our Political system. HERES THE video

Cork Booker made a statement on The View that I thing most it went over there heads about inspiring the electorate.


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Religion System also has a way of controlling people, especially within the African American communities. This has been shown through history how they used Christianity to enslave black people and today control them economically spiritually and socially. This also leads me back to the Direct sells profession on the system that is developed through various groups. The one that benefits financially is the one that creates there own systems programs to ones that don’t want to creates there own.

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