What The Fu%#K is Passive Prospecting

What The Fu%#K is Passive Prospecting

I heard this term mention this week on Facebook Live and had to shake my head! You can see by the title of this post was exactly my reaction to what I heard. This brings me to thought within the Latin dance community here in Columbus Ohio. How many like to change names of things thinking there being creative or effective in some way.

For example, in the Black Community, some think taking the er off of Nigger and changing to Niggas make is less offensive!. No, it doesn’t it still has the same connotation no matter how you say this especially within the black communities amongst older and baby-boomers.

Understanding words make a difference when it comes to marketing online. I make the difference especially to new people coming in the online Marketing Profession to have a clear understanding of the difference each word or label means and not be confused by there meanings.

I google the definition of Marketing and Prospecting. This what made sense to me Prospecting to be simple means a one to one connection. usually, a physical act must be done. Some may call it a High touch activity. Marketing meaning was One too many activities. This from my understanding means leverage. In Todays Digital Age Leverage is the key player in how we do business. In my Youtube video below I go into this more detailed and why these confusing messages that are being presented are very harmful and give this profession such a bad name

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