What is Value What does that mean to You?

Value an overused world and a very subjective term. What does it mean? Well, It means something different to many people. There is the value of shelter food which is universal. But as an Individual, the values seem to be more complexed and different. Your job as Marketers is to find out what the market that you choose to work in needs. What do they want that will enhance their lives. This what they will pay you handsomely for. This what the term Attraction Marketing means is to give the right value to that particular market that will better their lives and or businesses.

What people respond to the answer to the question they may ask within the market. Your job is to be truthful as much as possible. Your other job is to direct the individual or group to resources that can help or solve the problems. One of the best ways to do this is through storied from your own experience. People are more relatable with others that have the same experience and learned how to overcome the problem.

Resource- Building your List

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