What is the difference in a Prospect and Prospecting

What is the difference in a Prospect and Prospecting

Any potential client or customer you meet that hasn’t been qualified as a prospect is a leadIn the sales process, you gather leads first, qualify them into prospects, and then move them through your sales funnel or process. This done usually digital online process.Prospecting is the process of searching for potential customers, clients, or buyers in order to develop new business. The end goal is to move prospects through the sales funnel until they eventually convert into revenue-generating customers. This process usually don’t through traditional Network Marketing process. Be it physical face to face or digital through social media. Today within the Direct sales profession there’s an ongoing controversial talk on what is better to do the Marketing aspect or the prospecting strategy.

Marketing efforts generally involve speaking to many people in your audience all at one time. We like to think of this as laying out ways for your prospects to get to know you before they start that one-to-one relationship with you. Which one works better depends on each individual doing business. How much time how fast you want to get your message out. Personally I went the leverage way through social media to market my message to many which I feel saves time and that is a more efficient and more targeted audience. Prospecting one on one is a strategy used in the day before social media and the internet. Yes, it may still work but the question you have to ask how well does it work.  [mlsp-cta campaign=”ultimateleadgenformula” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left”]









Difference between prospecting and marketing: Prospecting efforts generally involve someone from your business working to maintain that relationship with one-to-one touches, that ultimately result in a sale of your product or service. Marketing is a process of establishing connecting with one too many opposed to one to one.




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