What is duplication in reference to Network Marketing. is people’s methods or both. In a business that is about people, the term doesn’t fit because duplicating people is important as helping people be just who they are.

When Bruce Lee Passed away it left a hole in the action entertainment industry back in the ’70s. Studios was frantic looking for a replacement for the sudden death of this mega start of Martial Arts Cinema. This created a lot of false creations with look-alikes with funky names like Bruce Li . and Bruce Lie which was truly a lie. They offered to try to turn Jackie Chan into a replacement when he told the industry No . and went in and dabbled with comedy with Martial Arts.

My point with all this like If Network Marketing is People’s Business then treat the people as who they are and not put a system or a way of doing things ahead of how each individual is. The Individual will always be more important than any system. It is more important to invest in education and let each individual work from that experience instead of placing people into a box.

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