These 3 Big Lie

We are taught many things in our educational system in the past 100 yrs. Since 1913 We have been indoctrinated into a system of beliefs that didn’t serve us but more it severed the wealthy and powerful. There have been 3 main Lies fed to the people of this Nation and around the world. First, our Educational system has been Hijacked by the Elite.

Financial Education wasn’t taught in school

There have been 3 main Lies fed to the people of this Nation and around the world. First, our Educational system has been Hijacked by the Elite. The Second is Keeping people Financially Ignorant. knowing how many works weren’t important In 1913 America’s financial system changed the way of life for many with the creation of the Federals Reserve system which granted the very Wealth complete power control the money supply of the United States. Many people have no Ideal what the Federals Reserves function. Besides rising interest rates a plan to happen in 2022 with all this Hight inflation from food gasoline etc. With us dealing also with ongoing Global Pandemic which had backed up the supply chain of household item that we use daily.

The Federals Reserve isn’t a government institution contrary to what you hear on the News or is it a Bank and any reserves they are basically Banking cartels run by some of the most powerful men in the financial world.

The Educational System That has Been Hacked

The other method of control was to hack and control the thoughts and minds of any communities education. From a friend, the mind would say if I can control your Mind I can control your behind. This is what the Rockefella foundation was able to do during the early 20th Century.

The third Heist of the American People is the change of our money system value. This was done about 3 times the last time was done in 1971 when the Nixon administration took the US off of the gold standard without the approval of congress. State Department and the International monetary system. In 1983 a little know book about the cash heist that has happened was called the Grunch of Giants. It is an acronym standing for Gross Universe Cash Heist. This book exposes how the ultra-wealthy are and have been stealing from and exploiting people for centuries.

The Lie 3 is about Religion

This subject may and probably will step on a lot of people’s toes. Especially those within the Black and Latino communities. The notice of a savior is coming back has really been so ingrained in these communities most suffer from a clinical term called cognitive disunites. This has from my experiences have proven why they’re such a disproportionate divided within both communities when it comes to wealth, health care especially during this Health crisis. The powers that be have helped spread misinformation targeted within these low-income communities and the viruses and the vaccines that could help us get out of this Pandemic. A few months ago I came across this video that explains in common sense about the Easter and risen stories and Christmas that most of us were taught to believe as a child GOD’S SUN Notice how it’s spelled not Son but Sun.

Last here on this typic on how we have been lied to for the means of control especially with Black and Brown communities. Here is a photo that I came across online. Below is the Photo check it out👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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