The Year in Review 2020

What a year this has been starting out wasn’t great with the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter in an apparent Helicopter crash. The negligence of the operator in dense fog resulted in this tragedy.

Then came the New deadly virus resulting today in 12 million cases in the US and 250k+ and case in Europe and Asia. With major locked down across the world and a global Pandemic called by the World Health Organization. This has had a devastating effect on economies around the world and has changed how we do business and school forever. The US in the middle of a National Presidental campaign. People worried about how they were going to vote would it be safe. We already had a problem with the country divided and controversial leadership in the White House that caused more problems everywhere. Demonstration because police brutality the Murders Witness to Billions around the world of George Floyd which brought other murder like Breana Taylor shot to death in her bed while sleeping because of No knock warrant that went wrong.

2020 has challenged everything that we have valued a Pandemic our freedoms threaten because of an Authoritarian type President. With all that being said we are seeing coming out of the other end with Biden winning the election and a promising vaccine on the horizon besides more spikes and hospitalizations. There light at the end of the darkness as we know it The Year 2020. I Will take time off from blogging this will be the last blog post of 2020 be back in Jan 2021 Happy Holidays to my followers be safe!!!

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