The Webolution of 2010-2020


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The Webolution of 2010-2020

The web unraveled ever things that the industrial Revolution set in place. The Webolution period was between 2010 to now 2020. The shifting e-commerce directly into the. This is due to the Homepreneurs or Home base Business entrepreneurs. The Webolution has changed how we live and work today especially with this recent Pandemic that has changed even more so how we live and work and exposed many to working from home technologies and also shown many how much they get done with meeting conference software that has been implemented in the last few years.

North America is experiencing a change a reverse in where people are choosing to live. The migration to the suburbs to exurbs the countryside. There no need to have to commute to bigs cities to have a job especially again in 2020 with this recent Virtual Pandemic that has given much exposure to technologies that allow them to work from home.  A lot of this info I’m getting is from a book I ‘ve since 2000 called by Frank Feather.

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He had mention By 2020 50percent of our population would be relocated to rural areas. I would say this happens little before 2020. I would say because this New Normal lifestyle was facing most are realizing no need to live in big cities for work with technologies allowing them to cut or eliminate commuting all together except a 50-second walk from your bedroom to where ever your device is we’re your working from now, Be it a kitchen home office that use to be a bedroom or loft.    My lastest Sunset Sunday Show below

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