The Top Marketing Strategy of 6 and 7 income creators

The Top Marketing Strategy of 6 and 7 income creators:

We are 20 plus years in the digital age. This including content Marketing and about 15 yrs with social media. Thought this intrigued platform was invented in 1969 by a Blackman that used for military purposes. The internet didn’t hit the public until the late ’90s and early 2000s. In 2004 another platform that has been built on the infrastructure or the internet social media. The platform that has been at the forefront of these platforms is Facebook with over 1billion users worldwide. This has changed the way we do business shop and communicate with one another. Some say it harmed the way socialize.





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This attitude is because the internet and social media have been the biggest disruptors in our society and have leveled the playing field in business and communication and allow people not having to depend on traditional ways of earning a living. With technology changing a light speed. it made it nearly impossible for a bigger business established businesses to keep up with these changing and disruptive technologies to the market place. Paul Zane Pilsner said in his book the Next millionaire in 2010 that the next 10yrs will be big changes and allow everyday people to use technology to works from home or start a part-time business to supplement their current income or to match it and work full-time from home.

He mentions No longer would tools be made towards the big conglomerate but more towards the individual worker. This would give them a chance and even be in competition with big companies without the expenditures that cost those companies. We have seen this in the retail sector during the holidays with online sells especially during Black Fridays and cyber Mondays. Today Facebook and Instagram has allowed online entrepreneurs to leverage the message to millions of people around the world without paying the ad spend

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