The Phases of Income The Wealthy know and the middle class and the poor dont.

How you are educated is very important on the value you hold on too. Theres a difference in the value system of the wealthy and the middle class and the poor. These to value system determing how families of generational wealth verse generational struggle. Prime example is explained by Robert Kyosakis in the Youtube Video

This video he explains that there 3 types of income were most of the middle class and the poor depend on one type of income. This way middlel class and poor stay broke becasue the income the only seemed to know about is active which is taxed the highest. This why portfolio and passive income are tax the least. This what the wealth concentrate on being passive the most because it cash-flow and cash flow isnt taxed.

Books I recommend reading are the ones by Kyosaki Unfair advantage and 8 New Rules of Money, Cashflow Quadrant

You must understand that there a system of education taught to the wealthy and one taught to the middle class and poor. All was dont systemally to keep the wealthy in there status and the middle class in there status quo.

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