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With the Pandemic spread across the Global. It has changed our Normal way of life forever. Most people are anxious for us to return to our lives pre-coronavirus. That not going to happen. Not since 1918 Spanish Flu that Killed 50 million Worldwide 675 Thousand in the US has many similarities to Todays Cornovirus Pandemic. Social Distance was applied then to slow the spread the same way it is done today The difference Today we have social media and the internet to keep us socially connected.

What does this mean for our economy in 2020 and beyond? well, it depends on how we do with stopping the spread. Today a lot of cities are calling to reopen their states on May 1. But this depends on how many of these states don’t have new cases within the 14 day period. state buy President Trumps Coronovirus Taskforce   Some are debating whether May first is to soon to fast and cause a reassurance of the spread. Which is the same situation that happens in Philly during the 1918 Pandemic in Sept of that Year cause spike of the Spanish Flu? After 3 days 635 New cases emerged that next month 10,000 people died.

The years leading up to 1918 pandemic the life expectancy was in the early ’50s in the U.S After one year of the flu struck the average life expectancy dropped by 12 years. Today Life expectancy in the US in 2017  was 78.8 years. The most vulnerable are the elderly and those with underlying health problems are at the highest risk.

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