The Heists Of Our Souls

We are living in very challenging times. Especially when it comes to our so-called Democracy. With the presidency still not declared a winner we are still in a health crisis. A Pandemic that cost over 200k lives and more than 100 million cases in the US. We and the world is being tested in so many ways to keep what we have and the rest of the world is watching

To Learn to Discern the difference.

At the same time, we need to understand why we are here why this is some important to recognize. For so long the US has acted as if we were an equal democracy. Its people weren’t always told how much of freedoms we had because it was judged base on other communist and authoritarian governments. Because the US didn’t have visible oppression we were taught that we weren’t like these other countries. We talked as if socialist programs are bad because they were always based on countries like Venezuela, Cuba because they were visible to your eyes verse how we see our democracy here. Since the beginning of the 20th Century, the Rockafella Foundation has controlled the education of the US from Prussian strategy used to make it people corporative and compliant. This strategy founded in 1908 has been used to educate and of our children even used within the military. We now see the effects in our current election process and to keep in place controlling factors like the Electoral College which has been controlled by the white dominant elite which excluded women and none white people. Were the only Nation that still used a political election primarily for the Presidency that is determined by specified elected people in each state that actually determines the presidency not the actual people who choose a particular candidate. That’s not democracy its a hidden agenda tactic and a way to control the mass. As long as we allow these certain systems to dictate our so-called democracy and no one brings this aggressively to the attention we are always going to be in a threat for our souls and our freedom hidden by misdirection talk ideologies and people who benefit by protecting an autocratic system disguised as freedom.

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