The Game of The Wealth the way out Paying High Taxes

With Inflation on the Rise and a backlog with shipping products and services, people are hit with higher prices at the pump and grocery store causing a little tension amongst the people. With a great Jobs report, people are still struggling and are behind the 8 ball. So why is this.?

There was a talking point on Liberal TV MSNBC had a person talking about the taxes code. He has said like many before him the wealthy don’t play by the same rules of making money.

Here is the one thing I heard about the current wages. If YOU DONT GET a 6% Wage increase you could be behind the current inflation. I said really at a 40 to 60 % tax put on the working-class 6% is going to make a difference. Please people wake up do the math. you always behind the wealth because of how you make money and how you’re taxed.

This diagram shows why the working-class struggle. From Robert Kiyosaki’s book cash flow quadrant this diagram gives you insight into why the wealthy keep getting wealthier. and those who talk about taxes billionaire need to consider why they’re paying fewer taxes and the working class pays the highest. What needs to be done is to change the laws. With the disruption of this covid crisis, there have been opportunities that have presented ist self if we look.

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