Stop playing it small in Business and Life

Stop playing it small in Business and Life:

In our sociality, we are taught not to be so much out there cause folks get-ups set and in making you look arrogant. Well, that because most people are taught to be subservient to the power that is and not to live to there full potential.


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The only place that wants you to play it small is the corporate plantation. The fear the competition because of the digital climate we live in. The access to info is so much more available is what the powers that be fear. They say in Direct sales is a business of leaders but some of them don’t teach people to play it as big as the should or could. Most people won’t play it big fear of losing there JOB fear of what others think and loosing there social standing with others. Not understanding most of those people don’t give a shit about your social status as long as it doesn’t go beyond theres or stays a little below.

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