Spammers in a Social Media Beware!!!

Most recent in the last few weeks I been getting hit on Facebook by a huge amount of bitcoin and forex spammer. Yes, I said, spammers. I know Bitcoin has been gaining traction on the market lately. Like so many in this Profession there doing all this wrong. What most think of as marketing is mostly harassment online. It really getting out of hand. This what causes a problem with companies like Herbal life. New skin because of other marketing tactics and how and what were promises to people that they clearly couldn’t deliver. Right now we are in a great change in this business because of the Health crisis/ Pandemic that has cause the greatest disruption in the whole global economy and business.

Below a more detailed video that did to give details of what being done a lot on Facebook. The Next Vlog/blog will show how to do marketing the right way to get engage, meant, and leads. This why your on Fb and social to get leads and were saying not paid ad leads

Here are some Marketing Funnels that can help you and your biz branded to you!!👇

P.S Skincare – 5 Stunning Skincare Secrets PDF

Forex – 5 Forex Fundamentals for Beginners

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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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