Sorry But Your not an IBO

So many in the Network Marketing/ Direct Sells label themselves as IBO or Independent Business Owners. In truth, all you are is a Distributor of their products and services. No more No less. This year has proved my point with the changes made in the Affiliate company, I’m, with and so many when the add thing called Verified Customer Sales in short VCS.

What does that mean well as of this Your Amway decided that all IBO Had to mean compliance of customers in their distributorships to keep their so-called IBO status. This could have been the result a few years ago of the FTC CRACKING down on these Direct sales companies who ran their business primarily just member-driven instead of actually having a customer base and moving products.

Recently Business associate that’s on my Sunset Sunday Show was downgraded to a preferred customer status from an IBO. So this proves what I have been saying you truly don’t own a business in Network Marketing but just a distributor or sales rep who can get fired at any time.

This is why it is important to understand what your true and how to set your self up as a true business owner outside the network Marketing cults. This is another reason a truly business owner has other streams of income. The wealthy have at least 7 to 12 or more income streams in case one goes bottom-up like what happens to many in Network Marketing it doesn’t affect you economically much or at all.

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