Social Media Post and What it says about your Values

Social Expression

How we express and what we express says a lot about who we are and what we think especially online and using social media platforms today.

In this turbulent and divided society because of the changing demographics and with this outgoing regime. We have been awakening to an undercover society that has been brewing for a while. Since the Election of Barack Obama the first Black President that served two terms in the White House.

This didn’t go over well with a certain section of our democracy in the United States. Many attract persisted within the Black communities as a retaliation of having a Black man in the highest office in the land. With the deaths of Trevon Martin, and Micheal Brown and a slue of other murders. This period in our history hasn’t eased and racial relations within our country.

Then 2016 came with the Election of Trump his rhetoric has given those a sense of comfort to be bigoted misogynistic and pushes their racist agendas. From the Time Trump announced his candidacy there country was on a trajectory of division His election win was a set for having President Obama in the White House for 8yrs. We need to recognize this as what it is they hate towards Black for Police and how they have been a problem since time and memorial in Black communities. His election permits these terrorist acts. This has been the power of the social media platforms the ability to affect environments and social structures is it positive or negative. The movie Social Dilemma talked about the power that’s in the individual’s hands.

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