Social Media Platforms are only tools there not your Business

Social media platforms were created to be social. Like Facebook, it was a way of communication amongst your peer group. Now, these sites have evolved and being used for business and advertisement.

What most fail to understand about these platforms is that you don’t own or control and think about them. Facebook all the time changes the rule of their platforms. You can lose pages if you don’t abide by their terms and agreements which can be vague at times. Most Marketers based their achievements soley on the number of followers on their social media pages and not realizing if Facebook, Twitter decided to change the rules that how it can affect your engagement and content riching potential customers and clients. This has happened to me recently but because I transferred them to my Newsletter list I still can market and to that list without depending on social media for my audience. Understand your business is your audience or your Network. And your Network is going to determine your Networth.

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