Are you still confuse about money (Scam)

Many don’t take advantage of opportunities because there experience stating that they have been Scammed. The term trust-like has been used to the fault as if it’s our response-ability for that. In truth is not us that need to trust it is the belief system that most have been taught to think.

We as a nation have been educated to only think of having a J-O-B. This was purposely done as a controlling factor. Want obedient people to do as I say not as I do. The system comes from a Persian system used to train soldiers and also obedient students and employees. The ideal was to there was no need to be financially educated when you have J-O-B.

A little History to the Educational Heist

Since the early part of the 20th Century, the United States Education system has been Heist by the Rockefeller Foundation. To have a group of compliant obedient people aka slaves to be dumped down to be satisfied in the lot in life not to expect much else unless you are born with a slice spoon in your mouth.

Today we’re suffering from high oil prices some say due to this war with Ukraine and Russia. But the truth is the greed gouging attitude of these Corporate overseers. Over the past year before all this happen these oil companies made multi-billions but decided to take advantage of the crises in Europe.

The same can be said with this current Health crisis that has many locked down over the last two years certain groups still flourished economically. Why is that you may ask?

Who Responsible for the Heist of the Education

The Rockafella Foundation is responsible for the system we live in today the Heist of our education by a group of billionaire bankers some may say that there are on the same level as the Russian Olgrachs with them completely running our government on the level that they do in Russia,

Today Available Info to Educate oneself

There is a little more lee away in who we live our lives or how we can live our lives Especially on the financial side. No, it is not totally out of hands but it is not given to you on a silver platter. Over the last 20 yrs, many books videos have been produced on how the rich main train their wealth. One, in particular, that has changed my thinking and given file for me to write this article and many like them. Robert Kiyosaki.The author of many not worthy books on financial education Richdad poor dad Cash-flow quadrant and Unfair Advantage which is truly an unfair advantage being ignorant about how money works.

The choice is to remain ignorant or to self-help

The ignorance and unwillingness today of not educating yourself bout wealth on how to make maintain it and pass it to your family Is truly a crime against your own family. This type of nonfinancial education makes mot no one recognize business opportunities to help themselves and families from investing in real estate and even to starting a Home Base Business because of how we have been living with a life-threatening virus for the last 2 yrs. that killed over a million worldwide and about a million States-side.

Resources of Educational

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