Review of Documentary Social Dilemma

This week I got to watch an interesting Documentary that was suggested to me called Social Dilemma. This show discusses the problems with social media and how it has affected us and our behavior towards each other. The documentary takes us on a journey with a few CEO some of the top tech companies that have been influential to our way of life. How these tech companies dig deep into the psychic of the young and influence them to make decisions based on their way to determine their behavior.

The problem with some of the talking points in this documentary is the talk as if this is something new in our social environment especially in the world of advertisement. This type of influencing is nothing new since the time of communication. Radio in the early part of this 20th century has had a big influence especially when it came to the youth audiences. When Television came on to the scene this was just another way of influencing the youth. Remember your parent would limit your tv time because the knew how powerful this medium wasn. another example of another demographic in the 50′ and ’60s was the housewife and the invention of the soap operas. or what my parents and grandparent would call the stories. This communication was geared towards the stay home housewife to sell cleaning products. Most of the people they had on this documentary weren’t around during the time of radio Television in those infant days of the technologies. The difference today started with the developing and social of cable Tv. which gave in to 24 hr Tv. When I was younger Television wasn’t on all night especially in the smaller markets. after Midnight the test pattern was the alert to tell you ist time to go to sleep and after 2 am on the weekends. What took 25 30 yrs to hit a critical mass to the public now take 3 – 6month or less to reach the same exposure to the public.

Today with the internet and smartphones and Tv we carry info with us 24/7 8 hours a day 365 days a week. This how technologies to like are able especially the youth of today are greatly influenced because they were basically born with e smartphone in their hands. This isn’t something new it how fast and how long were exposed that has made the difference. All this was built off the foundation of the 24 hr News and Tv the internet with social media and mobile devices. All these industries work together to profit off of your actions and behaviors. All industries do this to profit and to influence like the big box store and the housing industry. The oversize items we buy to fit in houses that have big pantries and islands in their kitchen to be able to cook and work in. With the covid19 situation we are going and now witnessing and another disruption on how we work and live. This change so going to be how our normal our different normal is going to be.

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