Remember The Great Depression Welcome to the Great Resignation

According to the Department of labor, more people are quitting their Jobs, In August about a 4.3million people left their places of employment.

The started in April as pandemic restrictions started to ease up across the country, and employees had started deciding if or how they were going to go back to work. Every month since then, a new record number of people have left their current jobs. The Jobs are there it that more people are realizing that their other opportunities than to go back to the same hours they hated and the same pay range.

Were also in a Great Disruption in our society. This Pandemic brought to light the weakness of our infrastructure. It also worked people to the fact that they don’t necessarily have to wait till 65 or older to retire and accept the Bs wage a lot of companies want to pay.

What also has happened during this Great Resignation is 4 million New Small businesses were created the majority of online Businesses. One Story we covered on my Sunset Sunday Show was a 28yr old single Mom took a $1.200 stimulus check and turned it into a 1. 4 million dollars consulting business.

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