Prospecting Pre-Pandemic 2020

Prospecting Pre-Pandemic 2020:

We are Now 4 months into this New Normal that everyone wants to call this era in time. The way that we operated before this Pandemic may be lost forever. What we have gotten used to may be gone forever. That including how we live and especially how we conduct business. More and more meetings are being conducted online because of the social distancing requirements in each state and around the world.

The Network Marketing Professional Experienced its first disruption in the late ’90s to early 2000s with the internet then came social media which totally changed many business models. It has also changed how goods and services were delivered to the public. The internet became the New Distribution lines of communication. Social Media added the hight touch component to help with a more personnel connection with people. This New distribution line also affected the retail industry especially during the Thanksgiving weekend Christmas shopping season. Online shopping in the last 15 to 20yrs at this time of the year has out don’t brick and mortar.

The first of all these Direct- with response types of marketing was on Cable Tv. Shows Like QVC and HSN paved the way for this online distribution channels. By the mid-2000s, a little known social media platform that was primarily created for college kids to communicate. This platform started in a dorm room by a couple of nerdy college kids that grew into a community of billions of followers around the world. With this type of creation shown in the business world the internet was here to stay and mad Billionaires out of a few college kids.



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Today many other platform have come out of these internet things. Facebook changes in a lot of ways how we all communicate do business sell and goods and services. This big disruption made companies either adapt or get pushed out of business. Today in 2020 this Pandemic has legitimized all the ways of doing business and connecting because it forced people to have to adapt or lose their business. Since the early 2000s, several other tools have emerged. These tools created a new profession internet Marketers or internet Entrepreneurs. These tools have made it possible for people to connected to many from the comfort of there home instead of prospecting to one. Video conferencing tools like Zoom,  Stream Yard and many more made with the foundation of the internet and social media has created a New Industry Home Based Business and has forces companies to have their employees work from home  Since the Begining of this Pandemic. Also, remote learning has increased in the university and grade school levels.


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