Old Rules of Money and New Rules of Money

The Money Heist

Most don’t even know that there is such a thing that has happened. In 1971 the event changed the game of money forever. When the money stops being money but a currency that is talked about in the Rich Dad series of books.

You’ll hear a lot from the banking industry compounding interest in the money they loan out and print out of thin air, They fail to mention the compounding inflation that also goes along with whats going on in today’s inflationary time any rises has been wiped out with the recent inflation caused by this health crisis and the jam up with the disruption of products and services. There is a deflationary process happening in the effort of the government trying to control the economy by printing money and lending it out in thin air without any value behind it to backed other than the full faith and credit of the United States.

The New Rules is to spend don’t save

What has been taught today is about spending but spending wisely meaning to be educated about your money to invest in valuable based entities that help your money work for you. Savings is the old rule which today makes you no money because the banks too loan your money out at a high-interest rate which you get nothing for and surely not getting anything by putting your money in saving account get little to nothing on your money. They want you to believe having a saving account is the best way to secure your money. Of course, they do that how they make money off you and don’t share any of it with you your own money how foolish is that.

Old Rules Diversify

Billionaire Warren Buffet says Wide Diversification is for investors that don’t know what they are doing. Rather than Diversifi wise investors focus on specialization They learn the investment categories then everyone else and how it works.

Examples: of those are real estate and stocks. Some in real-estate focus on either apartment buildings and or raw land bother are in real-state but in different business categories. When investing in Stocks. Wise investors invest in businesses that pay dividends meaning cash flow.

The New Rule take control of your Money

Most arent educated to take control of their money especially when it comes to investment. Were taught to give it to brokers instead o becoming more financially literate especially about our own money and how to make it work for us. When we’re in a financial;l crises like back in 2008 when the market was in free fall and now with banking and fed are going to raise the interest rate most of us keep our money in banking cartel entire cause that’s what we’re taught to do.

Most are taught to invest in the market based on the flow of the market aka capital gains instead of exclusively for cash flow When oil stock goes down if you have the cash flow you don’t have to worry about selling stock to make a profit.

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