Now Remote work being outsourced

One of the biggest reasons the US has problems today with supply chain problems is because these companies have shipped things that used to be made here in the US and are now being done in places like China:

With the recent locked down in China big problems with our supplies here in the US have caused a severe shortage of products and services. The recent uptick in the spread of covid has caused global issues with food and supply shortages. Now Corp hacks think they can save money.

Before sending big companies for cheaper labor has done nothing for our economy but caused hardship for the American labor force here. When these companies later come to find out that most of these foreign workers want the same pay raised like the rest of the westernized world.

Not having more materials and services made here in the US has caused more depletion of needed goods and services within the United States. More goods and services need to be made here and not totally depend on others in trade when things like what happening in Ukraine and other hot spots in the world

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