Not just Having a good Marketing strategy doenst guarrantee income

A couple of days ago while I was on Face book a post I saw in one of the groups I belong to a question was asked about how to make income as an Entrepreneur. The answer that was presented was to Have a good Marketing strategy.

Bring Problems Solving Solutions to the Market:

That would be great it was just that easy. First of all not that doesn’t guarantee income. First, without an audience, you cant make income because that audience must have a need for you to present the solution. Like so many things in the online space Network Marketers are great candidates to market for attraction marketing. First, that is not true either because many in Network Marketing operate from the mindset of talking to everyone with a pulse about your business. Well, attraction Marketers cant take that same attitude cause they see it on someone’s profile. There is Network Marketing.

Understand the Market doesn’t need you opportunities stuff

This doesn’t tell you to shit what is their mindset you can’t get that from their profile no matter how you try especially if they’re not posting anything about their business. Yes on the other you can by their language and action because more than likely they will hit you up on your Facebook profile if they get any little info that you are in the business. One of the things they use in their language is You appear to be an open-minded person or you are like-minded. This language is a dead giveaway of the typical Network Marketers and their training. Sometimes they may have not ever looked at your profile but just randomly prospect you cause that is how they are taught from the offline strategies and they bring those same techniques online and usually fail miserably

To attract the right people to the marketing niche Stop spamming people the why your upline trained you. Know their pain points to help them and provide the solutions they need and last to get paid. Without doing this you can end up in Facebook jail or social media jail.

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