No Chase Always Attract

As males, we are Natural Hunters. Ever since the dawn time man has been a hunter. He went out to get the food for the family brought it back for the female to prepare. The same is for getting mates men are taught to chase for the opposite sex. Today those same attitudes are taught today in business and especially within the Home Base Business Profession.

Not Much has changed In over a million years when it comes to this primitive attitude. With all the other evolutions of man, there are still things that haven’t evolved. In the Home Business Profession/ Network Marketing. The only belief that still is being taught is face-to-face marketing even though the internet and social media have proven over the last few decades that isn’t so. In 2016 I wrote a book called the 5 keys to Success in Today’s Market. This book made the distinction between Prospecting and Marketing. I also reference the difference between prospecting and Marketing and why in today’s Climate many Network Marketers struggle.

Too many think that this is the only way to build because it’s duplicatable a term used a lot in this profession. What was taught pre-internet was what we know as the 6ft rule anyone 6 ft near you was eligible to see your business. Contrary to that belief not everyone is a prospect for your business. In the profession that is called Network Marketing. Very little networking was done and No marketing was done either. In my book, I teach that prospecting is marketing. What I call chasing today. Being on social media doesn’t change the fact if you’re doing what you did offline to online your doing the same thing is chasing and pestering people.

Prospecting isn’t Marketing. Chasing people all over social media about your business is going to attract anyone what it does is repel them. I like any relationship it better to attract what you want to you than chasing it. all over the place. It seems that the more you chase something the more it evades you. Like money, women these all are what we’re taught to do it we truly want those things but they don’t work especially within the online marketing game it’s all about offering value to the market which it will pay greatly for. Not all attraction will turn out will some you will come to find that you have no value they could use or you in return. or not anything enough that will sustain a long-term relationship. What chasing does it make you desperate looking and it puts you in a position of weakness, not authority? People are more attracted to those who appear to be in authority. This why most Networker struggle they have not to posture a term used in the profession or like I mention Authority.

Another term I heard when I took my business online was learned to be the hunted not the hunter. This came from a book called Magnetic Sponsoring By Mike Dillard. This book changed how I thought about marketing and prospecting and understanding the difference.

Learn what need in todays Digital Market
5 Keys to Success in todays Market
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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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