Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in recent years has been the dominant talked with in the online Marketing Profession vs Network Marketing. The biggest Influence has been by a book by Dean Holland called the Iceberg Effect.

The core feature of the different Professions is how you engage with people. When I started in the Network Marketing Profession there were no leveraging factors in the business. All you could do is a prospect which is a physical act of meeting people. The problem with prospecting and how they taught it was that anyone was a prospect. Which was a hard way to build a business not knowing whether these people wanted a business or were interested. There was no marketing as such taught. Back then marketing was expensive most starting out couldn’t afford and marketing campaigns in Ads spend on Magazines radio or Tv.

Today is much easier with the leveraging factor of social media and the internet. This was the creation of a separate profession that came about out of Network Marketing called Affiliate Marketing. Last night we had training on ad spend and how to get the most with spending the least. Most people are apprehensive of ad marketing. Here is some info to learn to do this the right way. SOCIAL ADS MADE EASY

Most of the young marketers coming into this profession don’t know are understand that Affiliate marketing come out of the network marketing profession. Affiliate marketing allows you to sell other people’s products that you didn’t create. Today many companies have affiliate programs where you can make extra money. The problem with Network Marketing Companies put limits on their reps on who you can sell to and what you cant sell especially outside of their environment. You restrict the income of those reps. This isn’t a true business owner this is like an employee. This is why affiliate marketing is more lucrative when trained how to market instead prospecting and chasing.

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