Network Marketing Not Prospect Marketing

In 2016 I wrote a book called The 5 Keys to Success in Today’s Market Knowing the difference between Marketing and Prospecting. Because I saw the changes that were happening in business and how people were doing business using social media. Also the lack of Marketing in a Profession called Network Marketing.

These last 2 yrs have proven what I had been saying with need to happen within the Network Marketing Profession. 2020 saw the biggest disruption in business since the internet and the biggest disruption in over 100 yrs in our society.

These disruptinon have force oldschool Networkers to actually implement Network and Marketing strategies because of the way we use to social media to continue on with business because the country had been locked with all hotel and house meetings stoped the only way to continue doing business was through zoom meeting. All events also were haulted.

Below in the video, I talk about a marketer I know Lisa Torres was kicked out of a Network Market Company cause of how she was Building her business. during this Pandemic.

Like most disruption those who adapted survived those who didnt had to close their businesses. Which did happen to some during this Health crises.

Now that we are in 2021 and vaccines have been implemented earlier part of the year we saw numbers go down globally. That has been interrupted by those who choose not to get vaccinated.

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Learn what need in todays Digital Market
5 Keys to Success in todays Market
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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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