Marketing to many Prospecting to One

Marketing to many Prospecting to One:

This content is from my Show called Sunset Sundays. I’ve been doing this show since 2016. The premise of the show was to info Home base business owners on what’s working within there profession and whatnot. How the political climate will and has affected there business’s. Back in 2017, I published a book on this very subject because over the years what I’ve learned what people complained about was chasing people about there business, running through there warm market within 30 days or less. What a warm market. Usually people you know. People you have a rapport with or some sort of relationship with. like friends and family. Still Many argue the fact that only face to face is duplicatable when building a Network Marketing business. This may have been true before the internet and social media. Like so many in business and life, many did not adjust to the changes that these disruptive technologies changed the business environment. In my opinion, this technology has brought back Home business back to the home and has force so-called professionals to actually learn how to Market.

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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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