Marketing Before Prospecting My 2 reasons Why


Marketing Before ProspectingMy 2 reasons Why:

Welcome to 2020 a New Decade and Year.! What this Blog post I primarily going to focus on is the strategy needs for this New Year and Decade we have entered. Today Marketing is crucial for your survival in the game of Online Marketing. Know matter what business niche you’re in Marketing should always come before prospecting.

  1.  The first thing that needs to change is the notion that everyone is a prospect for your business or what you have. Absolutely not. Everyone isnt a good fit for your business. No different when you go for an interview the make a decision base on your experienced personnel which is done through an assessment test.
  2. The other reason Marketing should be first is that you should know who needs your services that’s what marketing does. It determines who wants what you have or if it solves a problem prospecting first doesn’t accomplish that it too much of a cold market strategy that a lot are comfortable doing and I sure wasn’t. Marketing established some sort of relationship with a person because the responded to either you sell letter or marketing funnel looking for more info. this way reduces more of the rejection that most experience when cold prospecting.

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