Learn to Prospect to Your List, not Your Business

If you have been following at any length of time you know how I feel about prospecting and event using the word in any of my content. I have said many times that prospecting isnt marketing it chasing people about your business. Even when you’re using social media it is the same as just leveraging the internet.

Last night’s Weekly training session one of the hosts mention this phrase in the training. I thought hmm that makes sense but still, I’m not all comfortable with the phrase prospecting. especially when this suppose to be a networking marketing profession.

This coming weekend we’re having an email marketing training session to work show on why you need to have email marketing as your foremost asset in your business. In the video below I take about this very thing

It is not too late to get into this training especially for the price and some of the bonuses that there officering. This is an asset you can have for life. understand you don’t have to chase people about your business Network to get people on your list or some like to use to term prospecting the point is to build your list. You can market anything as long as you have a list of interested people. In this training, we give 3 basic strategies to follow to build an online business.




This weekend training will team you on how to build and cultivate that list so people can’t wait to buy whatever you selling. The training will teach you how to set up properly your autoresponder and how to use it to build that list with engaged interested customers. Top 10 reasons why an email list could help YOU create sales & cash in 48 hours (INSTANT ACCESS TO TRAINING HERE

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