Learn to Have Fuc$k You Money

In my last video, I talked about the importance of having enough money where you don’t have to depend on the JOB that you work at. Also, it’s important to have enough money to deal with a boss supervisor or people you just don’t like. I affectionally call this Fuck you Money. Here are a few things having this kind of money allows you to do.

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  1. Not have to put up with the politics of the Corporate Plantation.
  2. Having to ask permission to take care off to take care of family business
  3. Only able to take vacation based on seniority not when you want to
  4. mandatory overtime working also on weekends

you’re not subjected to all this type of BS from the corporate Plantation. You’re not subjected to only having the feeling of dread on Sunday Nights going to a job that most of you hate going to. Every Sunday I have shown on my Fb page called Sunset Sundays. At the end of every show, I mention how the heart attack rate increases about 35 to 40% between Sunday Night and Monday Morning. This bad and it is probably worse amongst black and brown communities because the system isn’t set up for you to win.

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