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As a child, we all have many ideas and want, and dreams. We are full of hope ambitions. We have no inhibitions about life and things we want or like to do. You probably noticed your preschooler’s unique personality peeking out those first few months of life –reaching eagerly for a rattle or perhaps pushing away a teddy bear. But between the ages of 3 and 5, your child’s personality is really going to emerge by the time a child is around eight years old, they will have a relatively stable idea of their own personality traits and dispositions, and whether they feel like a valuable and competent person. According to the research on google.

By the time we become young adults our childhood dreams thoughts, wants, and wishes is either beaten out of us by friends and family cause they think there to love us and protect us from the harsh reality of the world but in truth, they are more putting their own insecurities and thought in just which why most they say have died by 20 but just haven’t been buried yet.

This is the biggest reason most struggle with especially friends and family because they think they know what is best for you because they have known you the longest. There are a saying familiarity breeds contempt. This is so true with people’s families.

This way is so hard to present business opportunities to friends and family cause of their attitude towards who they think they know about you. They say you can wait to become grown but you spend a lot of your adult life getting over the childhood traumas you experience from close people in your life. Also, why do most go through their warm market in 30 to 90 days cause of all this familiarity people think they have.

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