Learn to Attract What you are

We hear a lot about what attraction marketing is. What A lot in this profession say I that it’s about presenting value. Well, that is true but only part of the truth. Value is a subjective term that I find the most important part of the attraction marketing concept, is you. Be comfortable with whom you are. What has been taught in the Network Marketing Profession was the concept of Duplication. What that means is to do what exactly your up line does, But the problem is everyone isn’t like the upline. People are from a variety of personalities come from different cultural backgrounds.

This made the concept of duplication unrealistic and only valuable to a few. What people have to realize this concept only truly work when you are comfortable with who you are,

In training last week we had one of the leaders take about taking what is useful in training you get and discard what isn’t. Now, this is the exact concept I get from Martial Arts and one of my mentors I never met Bruce Lee.

This concept of attracting your like audience was taught in traditional Networking marketing because there was no leverage back in the day. When you can talk one too many then it was about taking one at a time.

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