Learn not to be a Bucket carrier

Learn not to be a Bucket carrier

On the day of pre-pandemic most in Home business were bucket carriers. What do I mean by bucket carrier? The Book Parriables of a pipeline talks about two guys Bruno and Pablo in this old Italian village who started a business by bringing water to this well that supplied this little town. Then the thought came across on f the partners said wouldn’t it be smarter to build a pipeline to the town to supplier and then we can have a lifestyle to do what we want? While the One disagreed in the system and continued to work harder bring water on his back daily The other Partner work twice as long some time till the next morning to build the pipeline. This is like to the 40-year plan for retirement most have bought into carrier those bucket of the time-limited instead of building a pipeline 2-5 years working more time during the day but can enjoy life better.

This is the same as using social media and the internet developing a virtual distribution channel that’s digital. To trans mitt info at the speed of light. With Bruno and Paolo who decided that a pipeline that people can get water to the town without them having to work all the time to deliver there product even when they’re sleeping or on vacation.

In this Sunset Sunday show, we talk about this in on how you can build pipeline instead of Bucket carrying life most have been taught to do.

In this video, we talk about how this Pandemic has put a lot of business that haven learned to use the internet or social media especially y those within the Network Marketing Profession. Because a lot of there business was so dependent on Hight touch Prospecting now it been disrupted by this Virus.

P.S  Here are some pieces of training we have to help with this disruption.

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