Keeping Retention with Your Network Marketing

Team Retention:

Earlier this week I saw a post by well-known leaders in the Home Business Profession. He made this I thought a ridiculous statement about how to keep retention in your teams. He said that 20% stay if they don’t make any money and usually you have window of about 30 to 90 days to get you team associate in to some sort of profit online to prove this business workes Back in the day before the internet it may have only been 30 days. This particular leader mention of an associate made a $1 in there business the retention went up to 70%. I said who is that group. That may have been why before social media and the internet but you wont get that type of retention today.

The problem in Network Marketing is the Multi-level marketing aspect of it. The Affiliate marketing side ratio to retail to commission is very low. it between %3 to 25% which like i said earlier most don’t cover the auto-ship. The only what to make substantial money with teams aspect is to have a huge team that moves a lot of products within the teams.

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