It’s not your fault that your self-Esteem has been HEIST!

It’s, not your fault that your self-Esteem has been HEIST!

Why is it not your fault that your struggle financially. It because your education has been HEIST!  You say why and by whom? Not just your education has been Heist so has the rules of money. When did this take place?

This started over 100 yrs ago in the early part of the 20th century. in 1903 the Rockefeller Foundation at that time was one of the most powerful organizations at that time. The General Educational Broad was modeled after a Prussian system of education designed to be compliant obey me to do this or be fired. Give develope a system of people to be good employees or soldiers. Taught to believe to turn over money to them to keep it safe saying Banks!




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Being dutiful compliant employees meant that your education did not need to be about how money works. Without Financial education, in the true sense, you could not be in direct competition with the Ultra Wealth who complied with this very system to control the mass!!

Another thing took place that changed our financial security was being told the workers were responsible for there own retire. This took place during the Nixon years in 1971 took us off the gold standard. That’s 48 yrs ago. With most not having financial education on how money works, we depended on Brokers in the stock marketing to take care of our retirement monies. This was to happen through 401ks. The U.S Congress passed the ERISA (Employment Retirement Income Security Act This force millions of workers who enjoyed employer-provided pension plans was now responsible in defined contribution pension plans and their monies would go into mutual funds and the stock market. This gave control to the Wall Street cartel.

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