It’s All about Sells

There are a lot of fo people who still after all these years have a negative connotation about sales. Why is that still The one thing most have is the emotional connection with the sleazy car sales?

This is why most people have these negative emotional relations that have with sell. We are not taught everything we do about some sort of sales. when we market on ling it a passive way of says. The other thing most people have this emotional distaste about sells I door to door which ranks right up there with the sleazy sales guy.

Until the emotional tie to the sleazy salesman is broken most will continue with that block they have with sales which hinders their online marketing performance because of the lies that keep telling themselves about sales. Once you are able to get a positive connotation about sales in one head and heart you help them with a better perception of hows sales in every aspect of their lives.

Leverage of Today:

In e-commerce digital sales word make it easier for the average Joe bag of Donuts to do sales. You have heard me talk about your list well to have list digital list you must know how to talk to the listed sale to it build it. There’s an acronym we use call Build Engage Sale( BES) you see even in this the word sales exists. To build an audience sell is involved getting leads sells in involved. are you starting to get the picture?

The biggest asset today with sales is Lives on FaceBook, Instagram, and Youtube. These forms of connection with your audience give you more interaction to see if they are a right fit for your products and services something we did have back when I started out.

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