Here’s why I wrote the book in 20016 about prospecting and marketing.

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Over the last few years, many are talking so much about prospecting. Especially when referring to the Network Market profession. In 2010 I came across this book called Magnetic Sponsoring. This book gave me insight into why so many Network marketing Professionals struggle. Even today the percentages haven’t changed much because the training is still focused around the activities of prospecting.

Even we have been in the digital information age. A lot are still resisting the leveraging tools and strategies of social media and the internet. One thing The Book by Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard Taught me about leveraging and sells. That everyone should be approached unless they have a problem. One of the quotes within the internet marketing profession is being the hunted not the hunter. What this means is to have people come to you about your products and services instead of you chasing and convincing some about your products services.

The term prospecting is most referred to in the network marketing professions. The problems with this term is that is about getting someone searching only to recruit into your business. The prospecting connotation is to talk to anyone that has a pulse. This is the culture that has been taught in this profession. My question is why is it called Network Marketing and you prospecting but little to no Networking or marketing is done. I feel the term prospecting should be changed to the term networking. Especially today with social media. No one wants to prospect. But many love to Network In a video post I did yesterday I talked more about this In a Facebook Live Presentation.

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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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