Group Economics is the Key to Success

To succeed in a Capitalist society each ethnic group or and community must learn to practice group economics. What is group economics? It is when a group’s economic base has a code of conduct to keep its monies within its communities enough to sustain its own economic needs before it leaves or does not leave its communities. Communities that just consume and do not produce will fail and depend on other groups.

Must be more of a Producer than a Consumer: Capitalism is about controlling asset resources and having a labor force to help build. This is what all communities have done to enrich themselves by building wealth. Any community that is just consumers usually becomes a victim of other ethnic groups and can’t compete because most of the economic base goes out of the communities before it enriches that community. This is what is called group economics to take care. Communities also need to learn to practice pro-sumerism. What is that it to the product while you actually consume it? This isn’t taught in school. There is a book called Prosumer power That talks about this concept of wealth building. This concept goes against my definition of capitalism. Especially when it comes to the profession of Network Marketing. What capitalism profess I a labor force in Network Marketing favors is a team concept. What both in common is wealth creation just for a different concept.

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