Everyone isnt Your Prospect Learn to Build your Audience

The 6ft Rule

In my yours in the Network Marketing Profession /Homebase Business. The one thing that they are always talking about and or stressing is that everyone within 6ft is a prospect. This is also known as the 6tft rule. This why Most in HomebaseBusiness struggle so much online because of how they are trained and what they are told which is holding your business from attracting and engaging the right people for your business.

Biggest Disruption Changed the game forever

One of the biggest issues within the Homebase business Profession is most Reps are made to believe a false narrative of having ownership in a business. When in reality you just a rep for that affiliate company. Since the Covid Outbreak, the game in home base business has

changed. No more 6ft rule not more house or home meeting. These strategies had their place back in the ’70s 80’s and late 90’s into the early 2000s. The birth of social media and the availability of the internet and the information highway disrupted traditional ways of doing business for most.

Now with the Pandemic now over a year, most who didn’t learn and developed these new skills like video conferencing with Zoom technologies are left out of the loop and businesses suffer. The educational system had to adjust to online learning. I personally did online learning back in the early 2000s. This how I finished college. Many feel that the internet was the biggest disruptor in the Network Marketing business or business in general. In reality, the Covid Outbreak was and legitimized what I had been doing and saying. This situation has also brought out the inadequacies most refused to address pre-covid and are now forced to address.

Learn To Attract the Right Audience

In today’s Network Marketing Profession is they are teaching old-school methods that don’t work in today’s Climate. Today Attraction Marketing is the proper way to use social media and to build your audience and sell products and services to the audience that have connected with you. In my Latest Book 5 Keys to Success in today’s Market I talk about this very thing on the difference between Prospecting and Marketing And now since the Pandemic is necessary to learn Marketing since knowing Hotel and House meeting are happening. We have Special that I will help with those starting out and those who are stuck on what to do next. It a Business Acelerate program geared to do may things coaching extra $1,200 dollar month income all this in one program that isn being offered any where else.


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Learn what need in todays Digital Market
5 Keys to Success in todays Market
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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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