Email market for recruiting on social media

Email market for recruiting on social media:

Last night training on email marketing was really insightful on what is possible to engage your audience. Many have said that this strategy is dead in the water. But from last night’s training, I hear the opposite of what L7 Marketer Diane Hochman was doing to get results and make money with here not so big list.


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The strategy that going to be taught in the next few days is called Permission Marketing. What is that very simple using email Marketing strategies to place people or potential customers or the client in front of your business with the training of value to that particular Market? Leveraging Social Media with Newsletter methods.  Example

Most of you if you’ve been online long enough get an email from a particular business or people because you subscribe to there email list or Newsletter. You either do this through a social media site click on a link to get subscribe to or was asked through pop up marketing strategies on a website that asked you to subscribe.

This type of strategy gives you leverage to your market audience and able you to talk to many people all at once. The tool that is used is called an autoresponder. This tool allows you to place a prewritten copy or copy that you designed your self. There are many autoresponder software in that market specifically for small business owners. I use Mail Chimp there other like Aweber is a big one seems to be the standard for online marketers getresponse and other more expensive like Infusion soft.

The whole purpose of this Marketing strategy is to get your message to many people that you have on your list. Whether its a new product launch or weekly training.

This week Diane Hochman Teaching a 5-day Challenge. Register by clicking the photo above.



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