Don’t shame people into buying your Sh$t

Too many online thinks he can shame clients prospect etc in to buy any of there service. They do things by looking at social media sites. Using words saying that you don’t have the required engagement to be successful. A lot thinks they can make certain people feel inadequate because they don’t have to a so-called number that people think that’s required to be engaging online.

Working people based on fear never last because people eventually wake up and will undercut how you operate by exposing the market to you Bull shit. When you have used fear to sell your product instead of it being based off a need it will eventually catch up to you and ruin your reputation and your business. Below is last night sunset Sunday video which I get deeper into all this about engagement online. Any on that has to shame you in to buy their stuff probably isn’t worth any value to you in the first place. Some people like to use tactics by assuming them. know what you’re struggling with by your social platforms. Which doesn’t tell you much especially if you going by the likes and follows on the platform We tend to base success on social media strictly by that and it really doesn’t give you any concrete proof on how you’re doing financially online but people assume that it does.

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